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This group is for everyone who is interested in any kind of simulations regarding reciprocating internal combustion engines.
Created on: Monday, 20 December 2010
47 Members 28 Discussions 2 Wall Posts
CFD-DEM coupling

CFD-DEM coupling

Coupling CFD and DEM codes with focus on harnessing existing DEM codes.
Created on: Monday, 12 July 2010
49 Members 2 Discussions 0 Wall Posts
Optimization with OpenFOAM

Optimization with OpenFOAM®

All users which use OpenFOAM® for optimization are welcome!
Created on: Tuesday, 01 March 2011
48 Members 3 Discussions 0 Wall Posts
OpenFoam for Offshore, Marine, & Coaster Engineering @ Singapore

OpenFoam for Offshore, Marine, & Coaster Engineering @ Singapore

This is a special interest group focuses on the use of OpenFoam for solving Marine, Offshore and Coaster Engineering and related problems.
Created on: Thursday, 02 May 2013
4 Members 0 Discussions 0 Wall Posts
Special Interest Group on Ship Hydrodynamics

Special Interest Group on Ship Hydrodynamics

Ship Hydro SIG covers all aspects of CFD simulation of ships and ship systems. As a group, it intersects with the Turbomachinery SIG, the Turbulence Modeling SIG, and the Multiphase and Free-Surface SIG.
Created on: Monday, 28 June 2010
91 Members 14 Discussions 2 Wall Posts


The LTFD research group is situated at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The group interest is on CFD code development using OpenFOAM® core. The development of codes follow the main LTFD research areas: Multiphase Flow, Population Balance & CFD, Viscoelastic Fluid Flow, High Performance Computing.
Created on: Sunday, 10 October 2010
17 Members 4 Discussions 2 Wall Posts
Special Interest Group on Combustion and Reacting Flows

Special Interest Group on Combustion and Reacting Flows

This group is covering general topics related to chemical reactions and thermodynamic applications. You can use it for general topics and to find people with common interests to found more specialized goups.
Created on: Thursday, 24 June 2010
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